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We offer an outstanding selection of pediatric examinations, pediatric assessments, and other pediatric services to benefit your child.


This online service offers parents access to state of the art screening tools that can detect developmental issues at much early stages. We are the only Pediatric office using CHADIS. Read More»

Complimentary Prenatal Visit

Expectant parents and parents of older children looking for a pediatrician are welcome to come in for a free appointment to meet Dr. Lindgren and to have a discussion about how our care philosophies align. Read More»

Comprehensive Well Child Care and Well Child Check ups

Healthy Future Pediatrics takes a preventive approach to medicine. We like to follow routine check-ups to ensure the best care possible for your child. Read More»

Newborn Visits / Infant Checkups

This is the fastest period of growth for your child. Because your baby is growing so quickly, we will see you often over the first 2 years of his/her life. Read More»

Sports Physicals / School Physical Examination

For your child's safety, physical examinations are often required to participate in sports. Healthy Future provides comprehensive sports physicals. Read More»

EKG (Electrical reading of heart rhythm)

An electrocardiogram is a quick, easy, pain-free way to measure beats and electrical performance of your child's heart. Read More»

Spirometry Test for Asthma

Asthma is a problem in and of itself, but it can also increase the risk of other medical problems like complications from influenza. Spirometry is used to better follow children with asthma and prevent ER visits or hospitalization. Read More»

Vaccinations for Children

At Healthy Future, we believe in a preventive approach to medicine and the outweighing benefits of immunizations. As your child gets older, there are required vaccinations for attending school. Read More»

Vaccinations for Parents

It is important for parents and caregivers, especially those of babies and small children who are still developing their immune systems to protect their kids by getting vaccinated.

Fluoride Varnish Application

Used since the 1940's fluoride is a safe and effective way to protect your child's teeth. Fluoride varnish applied every 4 to 6 months can reduce cavities by up to 40%. Fluoride Varnish is the most elegant version of office applied Fluoride, and an effective measure in preventing tooth decay.

Newborn Circumcision

Whether or not to have your baby boy circumcised is a personal decision. For some the decision is simple, and for others it is more complicated. Read More»

Ear Piercing (9 years and older)

We take all precautions against infection, and provide guidance for giving newly pierced ears proper care.

Hearing Screening for Newborns and Young Children

If your baby didn't get a hearing test at the hospital or you are having concerns about your child's hearing, we can evaluate for hearing loss. Read More»

Vision Screening

We start assessing eye health on a general level with an evaluation of overall eye health. Then as your child gets older, we can do more traditional screenings for loss of vision. Read More»

Pediatric Pain Assessment

It can be difficult for small children to explain the level and location of pain. We can use several techniques to assess these factors and ultimately reach a diagnosis about what is going on with your child.

Repair of Simple Lacerations

We are able clean and tend to most injuries. We use tissue glue to avoid the pain and trauma associated with sutures. If wounds require suturing or complex closure the patient is referred to the Emergency room.

Casting and Splinting Minor Injuries

Minor injuries such as sprains of the wrist, knee or ankle can be handled in the office. While we are able to cast simple wrist fractures, full arm or leg casts are referred to Orthopedics.

Autism Screening

Autism is a developmental disorder that people are born with. It affects people differently; so one person may have a milder version where another may have a more severe version. We screen for autism at 9, 18, and 24 months and at any other time that it may be a concern.

Developmental Screening

Regular screening helps assess if children are developing on schedule, and helps identify issues early, even before some outward signs are present. We use an online tool called CHADIS to assist in tracking your child's developmental health. Read More»

Screening for Learning Problems

With CHADIS our office offers developmental screening that goes far beyond what is done in a typical office visit. By allowing the parent to answer screening questionnaires at home they can be more accurate and complete.

Evaluation of Behavior Problems

Behavior problems can be the symptom of a greater underlying issue. We can help determine if there is cause to believe your child's behavior is related to one of these issues. Read More»

Evaluation for ADD and ADHD

Kids with these disorders may act impulsively, may be hyperactive, and have noticeably difficulty focusing over a long period of time. Read More»

Pediatric Neurological Exam

A pediatric neurological exam is a simple series of tests that allow our doctor to assess your child's nervous system. This type of exam may be used if your child is experiencing headaches, decreased movement in her/his arms and legs, or other symptoms. Read More»

Pediatric Abdominal Exam

If your child is experiencing abdominal pain, digestive or growth related symptoms an abdominal exam will allow our doctor to assess possible causes.

Lead Screening

A young child's exposure to lead can damage the brain and other organs and cause behavioral problems and developmental delays. In the majority of cases, exposure does not cause physical symptoms, and impaired cognitive development may not be noticed until the child enters school. For these reasons, we take lead exposure and screenings seriously.


"I cannot give enough "accolades" to this caring man, who truly is interested in his patients as people and goes above and beyond to help his patients, no matter how much time the appointment may take, or that "after hours" phone call... He always calls back right away!"
— Cindy Guffey and Family