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Newsletter Date: 9-26-12

To My Patient Families:

It is that time again! Flu vaccine is here. As many of you know I am a big advocate for everyone to get a flu vaccine every year. It is one of the best preventive measures you can do before the winter illness season begins. Flu vaccine is recommended by the CDC for everyone over the age of six months as soon as it is available. You do not have to worry about it "wearing off" if you get it too early.

Flu vaccine is safe and effective. It is the best tool we have to prevent severe complications of Influenza. Remember Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness. It is not primarily a vomiting / diarrhea illness. The vaccine this year has different strains of influenza from last year so it is an important year to be vaccinated. The risk of being harmed by Influenza, if your child gets the disease, is far greater than the risk of being harmed by the vaccine. Influenza is the leading cause of vaccine preventable death. Hundreds of millions of doses of flu vaccine are given every year. We have more safety data on flu vaccine than any vaccine we give. It is a compellingly safe vaccine.

We now have the Flumist version of the vaccine. This nasal spray flu vaccine can be given to healthy people 2 yrs to 49 yrs and is a real favorite of many children. If your child has asthma or some other significant illness it is advised they get the flu shot. The injected flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. Both vaccines are very well tolerated; few children have side effects. For kids getting the flu shot we do have "Buzzy". As some of you may have seen during a previous visit this is a device we use to reduce the pain of injections. It is a really very simple battery operated device that vibrates with a cold pack attached. With the nerves sensing vibration and cold not as much pain can get through. It really works, I've tried it myself.

To ensure every child is given the correct vaccines at every visit, we are scheduling children for flu vaccine on our regular schedule. This allows parents to ask questions and for us to let you know if your child needs other vaccinations at the same time. There will be no special flu vaccine clinic days. Please be sure to schedule when you know you can make an appointment. Missed appointments make it harder to give our patients the best service and care.

As in previous years we have flu vaccine to offer parents if they wish to be vaccinated at the time their children are vaccinated. Please let our front staff know if you want a flu vaccination when you call to schedule your child. The cost for the flu shot is $30, Flumist is $40. We are not able to bill insurances for vaccines given to parents. We accept cash, check, credit card or debit cards.

Call for an appointment soon. I recommend getting to this early, well before the holidays. In my experience the longer you wait the greater the chance you will forget.

Katie Sheahan, PNP

Please join me in welcoming the newest member to the HFP team. Katie Sheahan is a board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner joining us from Milwaukee, WI where she attended Marquette University. Katie is fluent in Spanish and has a special interest in pediatric primary care. Given she loves to run, bike, hike, and play soccer, I think she will fit right in. She is a special person that I am thrilled to have at HFP and as a part of our community.

Carl Lindgren

Warmest regards,
Carl Lindgren MD

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