Our Mission

The mission of Healthy Future Pediatrics is to improve the wellbeing of our patients. We offer high quality medical care to all patients in a friendly, safe and welcoming medical home.

Healthy Future Pediatrics uses innovative approaches to enhance communication, convenience, illness prevention and delivers a personal healthcare experience best suited to the health of our pediatric patients and their families.

Towards this goal our core values are:


  • For the role of the parent to decide what care is best for their child
  • For our patient’s as individuals
  • For our employees and the valuable work that they do


  • As the basis for effective communication with patients and parents
  • As the foundation for strong working relationships


  • To treat our patient families fairly
  • To treat our staff fairly


  • To work earnestly with parents and families
  • To work well among ourselves to best attain our team goals


  • To provide quality in every facet of our work
  • To our patients and families to provide outstanding service
  • To the wellbeing of our community
  • To our employees to provide a work environment that allows everyone to do their best
Carl Lindgren